Bathroom Designs 2019

Investing in a new bathroom is an expensive endeavour so it must be carefully thought out.  Bathroom renovations are normally done every 15 years or so, and thus, your choices must endure.
Bathroom with tilesAs with all trends, anything really goes and there are only a few design features that are outstanding or provide a thematic feel to a modern bathroom.
But first, we are going to tell you what is ‘out’ in the coming years for bathrooms.
Millennial pink has been a design choice for a few years now but, according to international trends, it is losing its position on the design scene.  And so are the metals that went along with it. Do not invest in copper accessories for your bathroom. Darker metals, all in matte, along with white metals, are becoming increasingly popular.
Busy, Mediterranean-styled hexagonal tiles are making a slow exit.  The trend was graphic patterns and bold colours.  The new trend now suggests that if you do want a hexagonal tile feature, keep it small and if your patterns are intense, the colour must be kept simple.  Simply put, the ‘chaotic patchwork’ is gone.
Hexagonal tiles for the coming years should be plain and uniform in colour.
Imitation wood tile on bathroom walls is also a design trend making its exit.
Bathroom with tilesTiling for the modern bathroom is textured or has ridges, or, carries a gentle design offset with a plain, colour complementary tile.  Tiles are also becoming smaller, rectangular or square, and the detail, less.  Some designers still prefer one accent wall or floor tiles which will brighten up rooms, but accents must be muted.
Earthier tones have made a return to bathrooms and matte metals with clean lines will feature strongly.  However, dark marbles and tiles in dramatic greens and blues are also trendy but the simplistic design feel remains.
Dark bathroomIf you opt for a darker bathroom, use a frosted glass self-adhesive film for your windows which allows you to ditch curtains or blinds, and allows more light in.
If you want to do something entirely different, Canadian interior designers suggest foregoing the tiles altogether.
This feature complements a vintage-style bathroom.  Remove the plaster of a feature wall and paint it with a durable paint that takes moisture well.  In this style, opening up your piping and having it exposed, adds a certain vintage or farmhouse flair.  The style here is also minimalist but you can get away with more in a vintage bathroom than you can in a modern, clean-lined space.
As with kitchens, Terrazzo is also making a comeback for bathrooms.  Use as a countertop or on shower floors.  There is an infinite number of colour alternatives and it will bring character to your bathroom.
Clutter is a no-no.  Everyday products can be elegantly placed on a shelf, décor experts advise, but for the remainder, they must be stored in cabinets.
Indoor plants remain popular for bathrooms if there is enough light and can add a wonderful accent to a minimalist space.
Tips for enlarging small bathroom spaces are abundant but designers all agree that floating cabinets, a recent addition to storage space in modern homes, is one of the best ways, along with extensive mirrors and simple, light-coloured tiles, to increase the amount of space in a small bathroom.
While very large tiles are no longer the ultimate choice, in very small bathrooms they enhance the floor space and are preferable.  Keep the colour monotone and the tiles simple.
If you are revamping, opt for quality fixtures and tiles in your bathroom.  These products may be a little more expensive but replacing them every few years will be more so.